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Cookie Jar Collection

cookie jar home display

New cookies jar collectors have it easy. With only a few jars to show off, arranging them neatly on a kitchen counter, or in an old country Hoosier cabinet, is a great and fairly simple way to do it. However once your collection begins to exceed eight to ten jars, display space becomes a concern. And when you get to the point of not being able to pass up any vintage cookie jar you come across, display space becomes a real nightmare. It's at this point that you must make a decision. You can stop collecting, (yeah, right!), or you have to commit to devising your own unique way of displaying your collection.

Beyond lining your cookie jars up on a counter top, displaying them comes in three different categories.

hutch1) - Furniture Pieces

Furniture pieces, that have shelf spacing on them, such as cabinets and hutches, can conveniently be used to show off your cookie jars. This is probably the most common way for collectors to display, as they come in a vast array of sizes and styles. Suitable cabinets are easy to find at mass merchandisers and furniture dealers. If you are not particular about the style, they can often be found for discount prices at used furniture stores, shelf tableflea markets and yard sales. For those collectors that are into antiques, vintage country hutches or china cabinets can often be found at your local antique mall. A well arranged cookie jar assortment will complement an antique piece nicely.

Another nice advantage to displaying with furniture is that when you require more space you can easily purchase another cabinet or hutch. Also furniture pieces can be moved around, should you decide to redecorate or rearrange.

2) - Shelves and Racks

wall mount shelfShelves are installed wall mounting units that provide a ledge for displaying your collection. Your local large home improvement store will have a variety of shelving systems wire rackthat can be adapted especially for this purpose. Some degree of care should be taken to ensure that when installed the shelving will adequately handle the weight of your jars. Cheap, flimsy shelving or poor mounting, can endanger a costly collection. Do it right, don't skimp!

Racks are perhaps the second most common way that I have seen for displaying cookie jars. Racks are simply movable shelves, and are generally open on two sides. Cookie jar collectors seem to favor the heavy wire type shown here. Perhaps that is because racks of this nature can often be acquired at retail and restaurant liquidation sales and auctions.

3) - Built in wall displays

built-in wall dispalyOf course the Rolls-Royce of cookie jar displays is the built in wall unit. This not only enhances your home's value, but it also says just how important your valuable collection is to you. Can you devote a portion of a wall, or the entire wall, in your display room to a custom built cabinet? If so, the problem of display space will be greatly reduced, if not eliminated. There are two problems with built-in wall units. First off, they can't be moved, so choose carefully if they are right for you and where you decide to build them. Second, they can be costly when compared to other display methods. This extra cost can somewhat be justified by the increase in value of your residence, but keep in mind that very few prospective home buyers will have a cookie jars collection, so it is important to make the shelves adjustable. That way, books or other collectibles could easily be accommodated.

Shown here is a photo example of a built-in wall unit that could easily be adapted to show off anyones cookie jar collection.


When I decided to make a page about displaying cookie jars my intentions were simple. I would do a google search on "cookie jar displays"; read what others had to say; and then compile a list of the top five to ten different ideas and publish it here. Guess what? I found nothing on the subject. Zilch. Nada. Therefore I had to start from scratch, and become the 'definitive' internet source for this subject. More.....

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