Building Your Cookie Jar Library

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For the novice collector lack of information can be a serious problem when searching for new cookie jars to add to a collection. As prices for desirable cookie jars increase, so does the numbers of counterfeits and fakes. They show up continually at flea markets, yard sales, and on the internet. Very often, especially on the internet, the seller is completely unaware that what they are offering is not the real 'McCoy'.

Knowledge is the avid collector's protective armor against this onslaught. As you get more and more involved in your cookie jar collecting hobby, it becomes apparent that the purchase of authoritative publications in your particular area of interest is an investment rather than an expense. It is easy to 'pass' on the purchase of an expensive jar when you know that it doesn't have the right size, weight, color, or markings. Or, to quickly and confidently fork over $100 on a jar that you know is worth three times as much. How do you know this? How can you be sure? Because you have taken the time to educate yourself on the details and nuances of your collectible area.

There are many good books and price guides on the market dedicated to cookie jars. There are also books specific to the major manufacturers of cookie jars, such as McCoy, Shawnee, Red Wing etc. These books will give more in-depth information on the history and full product line of the featured company, but they will generally also have a separate detailed section on the complete selection of the company's cookie jars, very often with dates of production and applicable marks.

These books can generally be found at the major book stores, in the collectibles section. If they don't have a particular book, they will be happy to order it for you, if it is still in print. Many of the cookie jar books l have listed below are often available at on line auctions, opening the possibility of not only finding an authoritative publication but also snatching up a great bargain too.

For your convenience here is a separate auction page just for Cookie Jar Books and Cookie Jar Manufactures.

Here is some starter books
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