Show us your Cookie Jar Collection

When I decided to make a page about displaying cookie jars my intentions were simple. I would do a google search on "cookie jar displays"; read what others had to say; and then compile a list of the top five to ten different ideas and publish it here. Guess what? I found nothing on the subject. Zilch. Nada. Therefore I will have to start from scratch, and become the 'definitive' source for this subject.

kitchen cookie jar displayHowever I soon realized that the 'real' definitive source on cookie jars displays is 'YOU'. My guests and audience at this site. Each of you have handled displaying your collection differently, and in a way that is unique to your home or residence. So why not ask you, to show off your collection and how you display it?

Therefore, I am asking you to email me photos of your cookie jar collection and how you have it displayed. I will post them here for everyone to see. Other collectors will, not only be able to see your cookie jar collection, but they will also see how you handled displaying it. If you only have a few jars, photograph them and send it to me. If you have dozens of jars on display, send those photos. If you have hundreds of cookie jars, why not show the world how you handle displaying them?

Attach with the email, notes on what special problems you faced with regards to displaying your collection, and how you went about overcoming them. You might also2 shelf cookie jar display want to expound on any thoughts that you may have about cabinets, shelves, and built-in displays - any successes you have had, or disasters that you hope to have other collectors avoid. Sharing your photos and personal stories will be appreciated by all.

I, of course will respect your privacy by only identifying you here by your first name and city (such as: Mary, from Bowling Green, Kentucky, sends us these photos, and says... ) Also, I am not accumulating an 'email list', therefore your email address will be deleted from my files, once I have posted your photos and comments.

Send your emails to:

Thanks for sharing!

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